Swedish consulate party

I woke up this morning and felt kind of shitty but I hate to lay ni bed and feel sorry for myself so I pulled my self together and tried to do the best out of the day. And what is that if not going up to the pool, woohoo... So I layed out for a while, took a swin in the pool and then saw that I got burned so I had to go down and start to get ready for a party  tonight.
We gonna go to the Swedish consulate party in a house in Beverly Hills. I feel like shit but I'm just going to pretend that I'm fine.
So here I am getting ready..... more info comes later

Postat av: Eva

du är troligt vacker!! det har jag alltid tyckt! Hoppas du har det bra! Kram

2009-03-22 @ 10:10:35
URL: http://eva.blogg.se/

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